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Haemorrhoids are one of the most common condition to affect humans, having been mentioned many centuries ago. The first descriptions of problems associated with haemorrhoids are found in the Bible, and the occupation of proctology apparently was established then as well.

If you have haemorrhoids, you are not alone. They are a common problem. In fact, haemorrhoidal tissues are a natural part of the body. Most or the time you do not notice them as they help during bowel movements. But if these tissues become swollen or inflamed, they can cause uncomfortable symptoms.

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Here’s a quick video to make to make you understand the disease and how we can help you.

Prevention From Piles


Increase fibre in your diet to soften your stool to relieve pain and cure piles.


Be careful when constipated and don't be afraid to use a laxative if necessary, especially a natural one.


You don't have to buy Stool Softeners. There are numerous fruits andvegetables that have the effect of softening you stools. You just have to eat more bran, green leafyvegetables, green beans, apples carrots and grapefruits.


Take some figs and leave them in water for a night and next day eat the half of the figs and drink half the water they were soaked in on an empty stomach in the morning.


Eat foods that are beneficial for good digestion.


Don't sit on the throne too long. Read the paper at the breakfast table, not in the loo.


Get exercise on a daily basis. Exercise keeps you heart and vascular system healthy. Hemorrhoids are unhealthy veins that are damaged due to excessive pressure caused by pregnancy, straining and obesity.


Never strain while passing stool. Let excrement slowly creep into the toilet, tightening the anus slightly to reduce its width.


Maintain Anal Hygeine: Wipe gently after using the toilet to avoid irritating the anal walls.A washcloth and warm water will remove any remaining feces with minimal rubbing.


Do not sit on the chair or drive for too long since it is likely to make your haemorrhoid worse.


Drink 12 glasses of water each day. It will keep stool loose and simpler to pass through.


Hot Hip Bath: aside from absorbing water orally, you can also wet yourself in a tub a warm water mixed with salt or braking powder. Make sure that you include the affected area in the soaking process. You can drench for more than 15 minutes per session but remember to change the water every time you do this procedure .


Don't lift heavy objects that strain the lower body.

FAQ About Piles

Most frequent questions and answers
The first thing anyone should do is to educate themselves about the condition. Knowing the truth will not only ease your mind but also give you the necessary tools to make correct decision about your medical care.
It hasn’t been medically proven, but people do tend to be more susceptible to piles if their parents have them. This could be due to a poor family diet or physical built.
The only way to be 100% sure is to visit your doctor. They’ll need to know about your symptoms and may want to do a quick examination.
Generally speaking,Yes. If this is the first time you’ve been faced with them, it is very important that you have a doctor examine them to ensure that what you think are hemorrhoids. There are several conditions that have conditions that mimic those of hemorrhoids,some of them are life-threatening.
Unfortunately, without taking remedial actions, haemorrhoids can last a very, very long time. Unlike damage to your skin that can heal, haemorrhoids have to deal with the constant abuse of the damaged tissue because of the need to defecate regularly. This makes repair on its own a very slow process. Fortunately, many options are available to make this process speed up tremendously.
Piles can affect anyone. They’re caused by increased pressure in the blood vessels in your bottom and there’s no discrimination between the sexes.

It’s hard to say, as piles are different for everyone. But there’s plenty you can do to try and prevent them, involving a few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Yes, they can. If they do, anaemia can result so careful attention should be paid to them if this is the case. There are steps you can take to reduce and eventually stop this bleeding.

Ignoring your haemorrhoids won’t be the end of the world, unless, of course, what you have is actually something like colon cancer instead. Assuming that you do have haemorrhoids, however, ignoring them will only bring a worsening of the condition over time. Eventually, you will regret the decision as more and more symptoms begin to affect you every hour of the day.

For the starting cases of haemorrhoids, the answer is an unqualified yes. Even if you opt to have these taken care of surgically as a first option, you most likely will not have changed the conditions that caused them to form, causing their return likely in the future. Fixing them at home with natural remedies and alterations in haemorrhoid producing habits is a long term solution. But for chronic and longstanding cases, you have to take help of Kshar Sutra Therapy.

Pregnancy brings special considerations to the treatment of haemorrhoids. Since anything you use, herbal or by prescription, involves the introduction of bio-chemicals into the bloodstream, it is necessary to consult with a doctor first. However, there are many therapeutic means and diet considerations that can be used effectively to minimize your haemorrhoidal symptoms. Pregnancy induced haemorrhoids are typically, like pregnancy itself, temporary.

It depends on your symptoms and your personal preference. There are various treatments available. Including oral medicines, creams ointments, suppositories, injection therapy and Kshar Sutra Therapy. Major Surgery should be considered as a last option, if all other measures have been failed.

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