Painless Piles Treatment Center

Shankar Piles is known as the best piles clinic for Permanent treatment of piles whether it is new or old within 30 minutes without pain, cut and blood.

Our Specialties

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People can get affected with piles, also known as hemorrhoids, via poor diets, unhygienic lifestyles, and habits. Consult our best doctors to get it treated.


Anal Fistula

Anal fistula is a painful disease that causes swelling and itching around the anal region. To get it treated, consult with our highly skilled doctors.


Anal Fissure

Anal fissure causes bleeding during and after a bowel movement. For the best and safest painless surgery, you can consult our anal fissure doctors.


Pilonidal Sinus

Causes severe pain, bleeding, and foul-smelling pus in people who regularly sit. Get timely treatment from our doctors as it causes complications.

Why choose us (Best Piles Clinic)?

No cuts, No pain & No stitches

You don’t want bleeding, pain, cut on your body, and have physical weakness, so we offer permanent painless piles treatment through advanced laser surgery.

Consultation and Follow-up

Offer consultation, follow-up, and instructions, including recommended diet plan for each patient to ensure a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

Insurance and EMI options

Medical expenses can be a burden, but we offer 0% EMI options and accept insurance claims so that you are cured as quickly as possible and live your life as you were before.

Patient discharged on the same day

Patients usually need to be hospitalized for surgery, but we take only 30 minutes through laser treatment, and then we discharge you on the same day.

Advanced yet affordable surgery

Advanced surgery at an affordable price by our experienced doctors so that it could not be recurrence again. Because we know the value of your time and money.

Pick & Drop Facility

Our primary objective is to give hustle-free treatment because we understand your physical condition how piles are painful is, so we offer a free pick up and drop facility.

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About Us

Shankar piles clinic and research center Pvt. Ltd. is founded by Dr. Yashwant Kumar Pareek in the memory of his grandfather late Shri Dr. Shankar Lal Pareek in 2010.

Our clinic offers advanced laser surgery, Ksharsutra ligation, Ksharpaatan, R.B.L and other non-surgical treatments (Conservative management) like panchakarma, ayurvedic medicines, and holistic treatments. We care about anal-related diseases like piles, fissure, fistula, and pilonidal sinus. Apart from this we also manufacture ayurvedic and modern medicines.


Satisfied Patients


Happy patients treated by medical & surgical methods

EMI& Insurance

Zero percent EMI facility and accept insurance


We have done 20K+ surgeries successfully


Highly qualified doctors with 15+ years experience


We do surgery if needed otherwise it is avoided


We also manufacture inhouse medicines


Consultation before surgery and after surgery


Personalized and friendly support by our doctors


Our medical coordinator educates the patient about the medication, care instructions and executes the health care plan. In addition, they check on patient documents and schedule appointments for them.

Yes, we have an emergency ward where we look down at patients’ conditions and provide emergency surgical treatment if required.

Yes, you can consult with a doctor online. We have a team of experienced doctors, and you can get online consultations from them. You can get in touch with them as many times as you want.

Yes, we have insurance coverage for piles surgery and EMI facilities. We assists you in getting the insurance approval done within 30 minutes. We are not an insurance regulatory. Your insurance coverage depends on the health insurance type (personal, corporate) and the terms and conditions set by the insurance provider.


Our staff will prepare you for surgery. They will:
• Ask you to change into a gown, cap, and paper slippers.
• Put an ID bracelet around your wrist.
• Ask you to state your name, your birthday.
• Check your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate.
• We look after your medicines and see you do not face any trouble.
• We follow strictly COVID19 protocols
• We have also hygienic washrooms and patient beds etc.
• Safe parking, if someone come to us by their own car/vehicle.
• Ask you to confirm the location and type of surgery. Then, we will mark the surgery site with a particular marker.

Yes, we provide cab facilities for our patients to choose our center for treatment.

Talk To Counselor

Tell us about your problems and we’ll figure out the best treatment option for you.